Oxford Public School NSK Nagar, Kosavanpalayam, Thiruninravur - 602024, , established in 2013, is one of the educational institution which was started Kothai Anand Educational Trust. It is a progressive school based on Indian thought, culture, tradition and the educational ideas of world system.

Day Care

A warm welcome to Oxford’s Day Care Centre.

We are stepping into the 5th year, continuing to take care of your children based on what we call, a triple training of the Head, Hand and Heart. We, at Oxford have been for the past 5 years looking after your little ones from the age of 24 months onwards with utmost care.

For working parents the problem of where to leave their child during the day poses some serious questions. Should one take obligations from relatives? Will the child be well looked after? What will happen in case of an emergency? And the biggest one of them all, "am I neglecting my child?"

Besides, with all these kind of thoughts occupying your mind, naturally, it becomes quite difficult to focus on the work at office. We provide an environment where your child grows and learns safe.

SmartBoard Class

The school has invested in E-Boards from Educomp for all the sections. These Boards act as computers as well as regular Classroom Boards. All the CBSE based syllabus is fed into the CD ROMs and the teachers teach through these boards using it as a unique teaching aid. The lower classes also do take advantage of these boards when they go to these classes when these classes are free. These boards are interactive where students learn by touching, hearing and visualizing the concepts in all the way of teaching.

CBSE Education

Holistic education demands development of all aspects of individual’s personality including cognitive, affective and psycho motor domains. It is unfortunate that not much attention and emphasis is given to the development of interests, hobbies and passion of learners. Focusing on excellence in academics alone undoubtedly results in lop-sided development of personality. It is thus essential that due importance be given to participation in co-cumeular activities like music, dance, art, dramatics and other areas of one’s interest to make life more fulfilling and enjoyable.